• Fundraising in local communities and general public to support Chinese orphanages and impoverished children.
  • Promoting, organizing, and leading volunteer service trips to orphanages in China.

It’s important to us to be as clear as possible what we do as an organization. Our current programs are mainly through student-led events and volunteer service work in the following area 

Upcoming Events

Mother Theresa once said, “The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”. We cannot accomplish our goal without your help and support. Together we can do something extraordinary! Every bit raised will go to serving these children and will make a positive impact on their lives, from much needed baby supplies to warm winter clothes to lots of colorful toys and books.

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心连心儿童基金会的栋梁是我们的义工队伍和广大有爱心的社会人士。我们的义工们热心推广“将微笑带给孤儿”到社会, 让公众更了解我们基金会,了解我们一再帮助那些在中国孤残儿童和贫困地区儿童的宗旨。2016 年“将微笑带给孤儿”的集资远远超过了我们预定的目标,这离不开我们的家长,亲朋好友,还有认识和不认识的爱心人士向这些孩子们伸出了援助的手。我们基金会深深地感恩在心,我们惟有继续努力,做好这个桥梁让我们一起把大洋彼岸的青少年和广大人士的爱和关怀带到那些角落,让那些不幸的孩子们的生活多一点阳光,温暖和微笑。​

Our Mission

近年来,许许多多的志愿者、爱心人士自愿前往支教,以一己之力奉献大凉山。 我们和“拾柴义工”团队相识实在是一个奇遇....

Where there’s orphanage, there’s need. We reach out to communities, both locally and online, to fundraise for those children in need. Our mission is to provide financial, material and service support to orphaned and impoverished children, as well as orphanages in China.

Trip to Daliang Mountains 2019 - 情系大凉山


Our Inspiration 

  • Fundraising - Cookie Dough Mix for remote classroom equipment at Da Liang Shan, Szechuan Province, China. 

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